The Globe and Mail published an article commented by Yves Gingras about the new liberal government and its relation toward science.

Yves Gingras recently published an open letter in University World News about his book The abuses of research evaluation and the Shangai Academic Ranking of World Universities. 

Vincent Larivière and Yves Gingras, in collaboration with a research team from Indiana University Bloomington (Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Blaise Cronin and Chaoqun Ni), published in the well-known scientific journal Nature. The article presents the gender disparities in the research output and the impact of published research.

Gingras, Yves
 « Évaluer sans classer » 
 dans Barbara Cassin (dir.)
 Derrière les grilles. 
 Sortons du tout-évaluation

 Éditions Fayard (2014)
 pp. 291-312


Gingras, Yves
Les dérives de l'évaluation de la recherche,
du bon usage de la bibliométrie

Paris, Raisons d'agir Éditions
 (2014) 122p.



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