Yves Gingras was interviewed in the German newspaper DIE FURCHE. He discusses about the academic rankings and his recent book "Bibliometrics and Research Evaluation. Uses and Abuses" (MIT press, 2016).
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Vincent Larivière was mentioned in the UToday newspaper of the University of Calgary and in The Gauntlet, due to his studies on "The oligopoly of academic publishing" and the use of academic journals in four Quebec universities.
UToday article
The Gauntlet article

Yves Gingras was one of the guests of Affaires étrangères broadcast on France Culture to discuss the world competition between universities. Please note that Yves Gingras' interventions had been recorded in advance and were incorporated into the editing.
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Yves Gingras's book,
Les dérives de l'évaluation de la recherche. Du bon usage de la bibliométrie,
has just been published in English,
Bibliometric and Research Evaluation. Uses and Abuses
(MIT Press, 2016)
and in Portugese version,
Os desvios da avaliação da pesquisa: o bom uso da bibliometria (UFRJ Editora, 2016)

Bibliometrics and Research Evaluation

book in English
book in Portugese


Haustein, Stefanie
«Grand challenges in altmetrics: heterogeneity, data quality and dependencies». Scientometrics,
DOI 10.1007/s11192-016-1910-9
arXiv :

Cover image for latest issue of Social Studies of Science

V. Larivière, N.  Desrochers, B. Macaluso,
P. Mongeon, A. Paul-Hus, C.R. Sugimoto, "Contributorship and division of labor in knowledge production", Social Studies of Science
vol. 46 no 3, 2016, pp. 417-435.



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