Data sources and their effects on the measurement of open access. Comparing Dimensions with the Web of Science

With  the  amount  of  open  access  (OA)  mandates  at  the  funder  and  institution  level  growing,  the  accurate measurement of OA publishing is an important policy question. Existing studies have provided estimates of the prevalence  of  OA  publications  ranging  from  27.9%  to  53.7%,  depending  on  the  data  source  and  period  of  investigation. This paper aims at providing a comparison of the proportion of OA publishing as represented in two bibliometric databases, Web of Science (WoS) and Dimensions, and assess how it affects the measurement of OA across different countries. Results show that publications indexed in Dimensions have a higher percentage of OA than those indexed by the WoS, especially for publications from outside North America and Europe. The paper concludes with a discussion of the cause and consequences of these differences, motivating for the use of more inclusive databases when examining OA, especially for publications beyond North America and Europe.

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